Pokemon Battel Brawlers

one day out of the woods comes a young warrior, a human with anuff power to take down the most mighty of foe's (even pokemon them self's, for he is one of the race known as a PokeBrawler
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 Frank Johnson

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Frank Johnson

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PostSubject: Frank Johnson   Frank Johnson Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 7:56 pm

Name- Frank Johnson

Nicknames- The Tank

Age- Seventeen

Gender- Male

Starter Pokemon- None

Race- Human

Appearance- Often seen wearing baggy blue jeans,a plain white shirt, long-sleeved duster, fingerless gloves, wide-brim hat,and dark sunglasses in public, but for ceremonial occasions or when assigned on extremely important missions, dresses in an outfit similar to that of a monk's (think Altair's outfit, but with no hidden blade or sash belt and embroidered with custom insignia). Currently 6'2'', heavily muscled, shaggy brown hair, and piercing blue-steel gray eyes. (Imagine Yasutora Sado from Bleach, but having tan-white skin and the above listed features)

Personality- A very laid-back seventeen-year-old, he is absolutely loyal to his "creed" as he calls it. He will go out his of way and throw himself in danger's path to protect his comrades. If there was anyone in life you needed to stay on the good side of, he should be at the top of your list. Generally lackadaisical in nature, he is outwardly warm and kind, but mess with someone he cares about, and he'll rip your guts out and use them as a bandolier.

History- He is the last of the Brawlers alive and free, and is currently searching for the one who orchestrated the attack on his home village. He was just returning from a fellow Brawler's rite of passage when he found his home destroyed and his friends and family slaughtered. He knows that some of his kin were taken in the attack by Team Rocket, but their motives for it are currently unknown.

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Frank Johnson
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