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one day out of the woods comes a young warrior, a human with anuff power to take down the most mighty of foe's (even pokemon them self's, for he is one of the race known as a PokeBrawler
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 Team Rocket Handbook

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PostSubject: Team Rocket Handbook   Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:54 pm

Team Rocket is an organized crime syndicate in pursuit of evil and exploitation of the Pokémon world based in the Kanto, Johto, and now Kelgon regions. While its main focus is stealing or capturing, then selling, rare and strong Pokémon, it also funds and conducts cruel experimental research on Pokémon. Their oath, as posted on the wall of one of their many bases, is "Steal Pokémon for profit. Exploit Pokémon for profit. All Pokémon exist for the glory of Team Rocket." Their ultimate goal is to take over the world using Pokémon, but ever since Giovanni left and the new leader has risen, strange things has been happening and whispers about what goes on in the lab are very disturbing.

There are 3 basic rules to this team.

1: Steal all the Pokémon you can for Team Rocket.
2: Any female humanoid Pokémon caught or stolen will be given to the boss.
3: If you are weak, you will be made stronger...that is if you can survive the lab experiment.
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Team Rocket Handbook
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