Pokemon Battel Brawlers

one day out of the woods comes a young warrior, a human with anuff power to take down the most mighty of foe's (even pokemon them self's, for he is one of the race known as a PokeBrawler
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 Pokemon: The PokeBrawler Chronicles (Book Nine: Down But Not Out)

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Frank Johnson

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PostSubject: Pokemon: The PokeBrawler Chronicles (Book Nine: Down But Not Out)   Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:22 pm

Frank's head was swimming; he felt groggy as his eyes opened. "What the....where am I?" Frank said in his head as he began to wake up more; his vision was oddly cloudy. He soon realized that it wasn't his being blinded; he was surrounded by gas.

As his strength began to return to him, he wondered how he ended up here. His mind instantly flashed back to the fight between him and Eric, and how Frank was bleeding heavily from trying to suppress the Berserker state. That led him to another question; why in the hell did Eric blow up? He was right on the verge of telling Frank what he needed to know.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard crying; his ears picked up the definitive pitch of a woman crying. What the....who's out there?" Frank thought as he tried to peer through the cloud of gas to see who it was. Unfortunately, his strength wasn't nearly enough to even get himself to move, so he had to hope that whoever it was was a friendly and wouldn't try to hurt him.
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Pokemon: The PokeBrawler Chronicles (Book Nine: Down But Not Out)
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