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one day out of the woods comes a young warrior, a human with anuff power to take down the most mighty of foe's (even pokemon them self's, for he is one of the race known as a PokeBrawler
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 Marik Erico

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Name: Marik Erico
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Race: Human (poke brawler)
Brawler type: Offensive e& defensive
Bio: Marik was born the son of the worst two fighters in the village and for that he was shunned and made fun of behind his backs on his right of passage he broke the rules by disrespecting the Nidoking and killing it and taking its head for his prize. he was to be killed for hi acts but he ran away before his execution. he swore one day he would come back and kill thou's who sought to kill him. At the age of 20 he took over team rocket after the disappearance of Team Rocket leader Geovoni and started a Bio-lab to turn normal humans into something like him, and at the age of 23 him and his super human force's went and destroyed the Pokebrawler village,and took some as slaves and test subjects for his lab.
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Marik Erico
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